Real Life Student Ministries strives to connect students to God through discipleship, studying the Bible, prayer, worship, and fellowship with others.
Our students look forward to youth group as a place to bring their friends, learn more about  Jesus Christ and His role in our lives, and deepen their relationship with Christ. 
Providing students with the tools they need to grow in Christ, Real Life Student Ministries helps equip these young leaders with a foundation of faith they will be able to lean on through the teen years, through transitioning into adulthood, and beyond. Middle school and high school years are not smooth sailing but with Jesus on our side and being able to look to Him for guidance and wisdom, students can have confidence and ability to not only survive but to thrive in those crazy years. 
Join us as we look at “real life” issues teens face today in our ever-changing world and how Jesus encourages us to face them through scripture and Biblical teaching.