Pastor Sean is a husband, father, grandfather, a former navy submariner, former teacher at Rapid City Christian School, and an elected Representative in the South Dakota legislature. Sean has dedicated his life to service of others always leading with a servant’s heart. The battle of his life started in February 2017 upon the original diagnosis of cancer. Through the battle Sean has maintained his strong faith and positive attitude, inspiring many along the way. This past December it was discovered that the cancer had returned and metastasized. Now the battle continues as he fights the cancer growing in his lung. Sean always trusts in God’s plan for his life and believes this too will be redeemed.

Sean is ill. It is presently unknown whether his life is measured in weeks, months or years. He is receiving chemotherapy and it leaves him tired. While we recognize his earthly prognosis is guarded we pray for divine intervention to the God of all creation, merciful and mighty to spare this man we love.

An effort is underway to gather funds to offset the balance of Sean’s mortgage. Please consider a significant gift to Sean and his family. The challenge before us is to gather enough to eliminate or meaningfully reduce Sean’s mortgage so that Sean and his family are secure in their home no matter the outcome of his present health struggle.

It is our hope to raise $300,000, an amount that will cover the balance of Sean’s mortgage and provide funds to address ongoing Mayo travel and medical expenses. Please send your gift to: Sean McPherson Fund – P.O. Box 926 – Rapid City, SD 57709 and be assured that each dollar will go to Sean and his family. Make your check payable to Sean McPherson. Since this is a gift to Sean it will not qualify as a tax-deductible contribution and Sean will not incur any tax liability on the gift’s value.

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Check Out a Video From Pastor Sean shared with the congregation on March 4th, 2018: